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How To Choose Your Fandom

If you're reading this blog, you're probably in at least one fandom, but maybe you want more. If that's the case, read on to figure out which fandom may be best for you. First of all, consider the genre. Here are my fandoms, organized by genre, with a brief summary of each.

Media form: TV
Key features: Arthurian legend, magic, destiny, sarcasm and cheek
Synopsis: (based off of Arthurian legend) Merlin, a young warlock (i.e., born with magic), travels to Camelot, where king Uther Pendragon has banned magic. Merlin becomes prince Arthur's manservant and discovers that it is his destiny to protect Arthur. He saves Arthur's life countless times, all the while hiding his magic.

Harry Potter
Media form: books, movies
Key features: magic, evil wizards and witches, good wizards and witches, fun and shenanigans but also serious stuff
Synopsis: Harry Potter, called "The Boy Who Lived" because the dark lord Voldemort was unable to kill him, finds out that he is a wizard and goes to Hogwarts, a school for wizards and witches. Voldemort keeps trying to regain power, and Harry, together with his friends Ron and Hermione, tries to stop him.

The Lord of the Rings
Media form: books, movies
Key features: adventure, battle, rings, dark lord, magic, danger, seriously lots of danger
Synopsis: Frodo Baggins takes the one ring of power (which is really evil) and goes on a quest to throw it into Mordor, so that it will be destroyed and the dark lord Sauron will be destroyed as well. Frodo travels with 3 other hobbits, 2 men, 1 dwarf, and 1 elf. They get into lots of trouble on the way, and it's quite the adventure.

Star Wars
Media form: movies
Key features: evil guy, not so evil guys, adventure, danger, battle, lightsabers, rebellion
Synopsis: Darth Vader is really evil and he's basically trying to take over the universe. He controls the empire (well technically, the emperor controls the empire, but we don't see much of the emperor), but there is a group of rebels who are determined to defeat him. Luke Skywalker is a major part of this rebellion.

Star Trek
Media form: TV, movies
Key features: lots of technology, exploration, adventure, warp speed, aliens
Synopsis: Captain Kirk is in charge of the Enterprise, a spaceship that can go warp speed (i.e., really fast). He and his crew travel around the universe and explore. They get into trouble and have adventures. It's fun.

Doctor Who
Media form: TV
Key features: wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff, time travel, technology, aliens, exploration, adventure, danger, genius, saving the universe
Synopsis: The Doctor, a Time Lord, travels through time and space in his TARDIS. He typically travels with a companion (usually female), and together they have adventures. Except, it's not all fun and games; evil aliens inevitably show up, and then the Doctor has to do awesome genius stuff and save the universe.

The Avengers/Marvel/DC
Media form: comic books, movies
Key features: danger, fighting, superheroes, justice
Synopsis: (sorry for lumping them all in together, btw) superheroes (or awesome people with a technological advantage) fight against evil.

The Hunger Games
Media type: books, movies
Key features: revolution, fighting, oppression, social/political inequality, poverty, hunger
Synopsis: Every year, the Capitol shows its dominance over the 12 Districts by hosting the Hunger Games, where a boy and a girl are taken from each district to fight to the death, with only one survivor. Katniss Everdeen, who volunteers to take the place of her sister Prim in the Games, is intent on changing things and starts a rebellion.

Media type: books, movies
Key features: revolution, fighting, oppression, division based on aptitude, being different, fear, hiding
Synopsis: (similar to The Hunger Games) Tris Prior takes the test to find out which faction (district, social class, group of people) she belongs in (Amity, for friendliness; Candor, for truthfulness; Dauntless, for bravery; Abnegation, for selflessness; or Erudite, for knowledge), and finds out that she belongs in both Dauntless and Abnegation, meaning that she is Divergent. Divergents are hunted and killed because they are unknown and therefore feared. Tris decides to start a revolution.

Modern (i.e., set in the modern-day world)
Media type: books, movies, TV
Key features: mysteries, solving crimes, genius, murder, "not our division"
Synopsis: (there are books and movies, but this focuses on BBC Sherlock) Sherlock Holmes is the world's only consulting detective. "When the police are out of their depth, they consult me." He solves crimes with the help of his trusty blogger, Doctor John Watson. In John's words, "We solve crimes. I blog about it. He forgets his pants."

The Big Bang Theory
Media type: TV
Key features: science, annoying characters, awkward social situations
Synopsis: Four young scientists - Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Rajesh - are friends and get into shenanigans. Penny, Leonard and Sheldon's next-door neighbor, doesn't know anything about science, but still interacts with the group in an amusing, clueless sort of way.

The Fault In Our Stars
Media type: book, movie
Key features: sadness, romance, cancer, enjoy life while you can
Synopsis: Two teenagers, Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace Lancaster, fall in love with each other. However, they both have cancer, so they know they won't live much longer. They determine to make the most of their lives while they can.

Les Misérables
Media type: book, musical, movie
Key features: France, revolution, historical fiction, sadness, lots of sadness
Synopsis: Short version - the French government is terrible, and bad things happen to people because of it, so a revolution is started. Long version - *insert several pages of synopsis* (sorry, it's really long what can I say)

The Princess Bride
Media type: book, movie
Key features: true love, high adventure, kidnapping, swordfighting
Synopsis: Buttercup works on a farm and falls in love with the farm-boy, Westley. Westley goes to America to seek his fortune and is murdered by the Dread Pirate Roberts. Buttercup is devastated vows never to love again. Prince Humperdinck thinks differently and orders her to marry him. Before this can happen, however, she is kidnapped by a criminal band consisting of Vizzini, Fezzik, and Inigo. They are defeated by a man in black, and then the story takes an interesting turn (sorry, not giving any more because I don't want to share any spoilers).

Media type: movies
Key features: fairy tales, old-fashioned, happily ever after
Synopsis: Disney makes lots of different movies. They are generally fairy tales with happy endings (usually the original fairy tales have rather gruesome endings).

Next, consider that you may want to choose a fandom by what the fandom is like.

Fandoms that are very active: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, Harry Potter

Fandoms that are not continuing (the book/movie/series/show is over): Merlin, The Fault In Our Stars, The Princess Bride

Fandoms that have long hiatuses: Sherlock, Doctor Who (sort of)

Fandoms that are popular on this blog: Sherlock, Doctor Who, Merlin, Harry Potter

Fandoms that are British: Sherlock, Doctor Who, Merlin, Harry Potter

Fandoms in which Steven Moffat writes the episodes: Sherlock, Doctor Who

And finally, consider fan names. Would you be happy calling yourself any of these terms?
Merlin - Merlinian (not commonly used)
Harry Potter - Potterhead
Star Trek - Trekkie
Doctor Who - Whovian
Sherlock - Sherlockian

Channel 5 (Merlin fanfiction): Chapter 14

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Arthur opened his eyes and looked at Merlin, who was still sleeping. The gentle rise and fall of Merlin's chest and the peaceful smile on his face made him look like an angel who was resting in Heaven. Arthur watched for a little while, then kissed Merlin on the forehead. Merlin smiled, his eyes still closed. Arthur kissed Merlin's neck, slowly making his way up to Merlin's lips, which he also kissed. Merlin opened his eyes and lazily sat up, wrapping his arms around Arthur.
"I could get used to waking up like this."
"I bet you could." They shared a look of contentment and adoration.

The moment was broken by Gwaine's shouts. "Arthur, what did you do?!"
"Hey, I helped!" Merlin insisted. Gwaine stormed in. His grey hair looked rather sticky. The smell of maple syrup was overpowered by the stench of rotten eggs. His lips looked chapped and nasty, with flecks of white on them, and they were pressed tight in anger - or maybe they were stuck together; it was hard to tell. His face looked oily and slightly orange, and the faint scent of pumpkin could be detected. Said face was scrunched up in frustration as Gwaine glared at the both of them.
Arthur laughed. "That's what happens when you mess with me."
Merlin smiled. "Just because we got together doesn't mean we're happy about being set up. Have you talked to Gwen yet?"
"No, why?" Gwaine asked, his features shifting to show apprehension and concern.
"You'll see," Merlin replied mysteriously, a mischievous smile on his face.
"Now then, if you don't mind, Merlin and I have places to be," Arthur said, pulling Merlin close to him.
Merlin looked into Arthur's clear blue eyes, mesmerized but also confused. "We do?"
Arthur rolled his eyes. "Yes, you idiot."
"Prat." Merlin punched Arthur lightly.
"Buffoon." Arthur punched him harder.
"Clotpole." Merlin pushed him into the bed.
Arthur rolled his eyes. "Let's get going, Merlin." He got up and brushed off his clothes, as if Merlin had left dirt on him with his words.
"Ha! You've run out of insults, you turnip head!"
"And you haven't." Arthur smiled.
Merlin smiled back. "I don't think I ever will."
Arthur raised his eyebrows. "I'll have to test you on that some time. For now, let's go." Finally, they did, with Gwaine yelling and swearing that he would have revenge.

"Where are we going?" Merlin asked, looking at his surroundings as if that would give him a clue.
"It's a secret," Arthr replied conspiratorially.
"But I must know!" Merlin was practically jumping in his seat.
"You will, but not just yet. Have patience, Merlin." Merlin sighed.

They drove increasingly farther away from the city, and Merlin gave Arthur increasingly confused looks. Merlin remained silent, knowing that further questioning would be futile. He watched as buildings disappeared, to be replaced by... trees? They finally stopped at an entrance to a forest.
"Really, Arthur?" Merlin crossed his arms as if to say 'I expected better than this from you, of all people'.
"This isn't our final destination," Arthur replied with a smile. "I don't know how to drive a car in a forest without destroying at least one of the two, so we'll have to take the rest of our journey on foot."
Merlin laughed and nodded. "Alright then. Take me to this wonderful place." Arthur nodded, pulling a basket out of the car. "Are we having a picnic?" Arthur nodded. "Now I know it's going to be good," Merlin said with a smile.

After hours (it had only been minutes) of trekking through the forest, they reached a small clearing with a waterfall that fed into a lake. Merlin's eyes widened. "This is beautiful."
"It's my secret hideaway," he whispered with a smile. 
"You mean no-one else has been here?"
"Not that I know of. Just you and me." They smiled. Merlin saw a rock just underneath the waterfall. He gave Arthur a questioning look, as if asking for permission. Arthur nodded encouragingly. Merlin waded into the water and sat on the rock, letting the water wash over him.

Arthur stared at Merlin with a mixture of desire and adoration. 
"You look absolutely gorgeous when you're wet, Merlin."
"And I don't usually?" Merlin asked with a cheeky smile, water dripping down from his face as he spoke. 
"You always look great, but you look especially adorable when you're covered in water." Merlin smiled, and then he got a wonderful twinkle in his eyes. "Uh-oh. I'm pretty sure that's a 'I'm about to do something bad to Arthur and I'm relishing the thought' look."
"Of course!" Merlin said with a smile before pushing Arthur into the water. 
"You'll pay for that!" Arthur yelled with a mock anger that his broad smile belied.  Arthur dumped Merlin into the water, even though Merlin was already wet. They splashed around in the water for a while, until they got tired and sat on the grassy banks of the lake. 

"My shirt is soaked," Arthur complained. 
"Take it off, then," Merlin suggested nonchalantly. Arthur raised his eyebrows, but did as Merlin suggested. He then reached towards Merlin. "What are you doing?" Merlin reflectively moved back a little. 
"Come on, it wouldn't be fair to have me be the only shirtless one." Arthur succeeded in pulling off Merlin's shirt, and Merlin just rolled his eyes. They proceeded to eat the picnic Arthur had prepared. 
"Where did you get all this?"
"Nicked it from the kitchens at my father's house."
"Kitchens? Plural?" Merlin stared at Arthur in a mixture of amazement and awe. 
"It's a big house. Father is so rich, we're practically royalty."
"Why don't you live with him then? I mean, your flat's nice and all, but it's no mansion." Merlin got a faraway look, imagining what it would be like to live in a mansion. 
"I needed my space. Being in Uther's shadow was bad enough; I didn't need to be in his house, too. It was also about proving that I could make it on my own, that I could provide for my own housing and food and all that." Arthur sounded a little like he was trying to prove himself to Merlin as well. 
"But you still work at his company," Merlin pointed out, confused. 
"Currently. But I'd like to start my own company," Arthur answered, a hint of pride in his tone. 
"I can just picture it: 'Royal Prat Lawyers'," Merlin joked, spreading his arms. 
"Shut up!" Arthur punched Merlin's arm playfully. Merlin punched him back, an infectious smile creeping across his face. They continued to eat, exchanging jokes and insults. 

"So you said this was your secret hideaway. When do you come here?"
"Any time I need to get away from responsibilities. Or my father. The two are usually related. I've been known to take a day off to go here for some alone time." Arthur got nostalgic about all the great times he'd had in this secret hideaway. 
"And you've never brought anyone else with you?"
Arthur shook his head. "This is very special and private. It's like my heart and soul."
"I'm honored," Merlin said, awed. They lay next to each other on the grass, eyes gazing up at the clear, sunny sky. 

It was Merlin who broke the silence first. "When are you going to tell him?" Arthur pretended not to hear. "He'll find out eventually. It'll be better if he finds out from us."
That got Arthur's attention. "Us?" He sat up and looked at Merlin. 
Merlin sat up, too. "Uther doesn't sound like the sort of man I'd want to leave you alone with to deliver news like that," he said, sounding more than a little scared of the man who could intimidate Arthur. 
"And he's not the sort of man whose wrath I'd want you to be on the receiving end of," Arthur replied firmly. 
"Aw, you're so sweet." Merlin kissed Arthur on the nose. Arthur smiled, then chuckled. "What?"
"We sure do kiss a lot."
"That's because you're so good at it," Merlin smiled, moving in for another kiss. 
"You, too."
"You're my king," Merlin said affectionately. 
"If we're going by names, that would make you my... wizard? manservant?" 
"How about your consort?"
"Hm... Maybe." Arthur was silent for a moment. "No, I've got it! You're my queen!"
"But I'm not a girl!"
"Man or woman, you're still my queen." Merlin sighed and shook his head in defeat. 

"I wish we could stay here forever," Merlin sighed. 
"Me, too." Arthur smiled. "Say, didn't you tell me you were an artist?" Merlin nodded. "Can you draw me something?"
"For you, sire, anything." Merlin thought for a moment. "Do you have any paper?" Arthur rummaged through the picnic basket to find a sketchbook and a pencil. "You planned for this, didn't you?"
"Maybe..." Arthur said sheepishly. Merlin took the drawing materials and began his sketch. His movements were fluid. Arthur could see how Merlin poured his emotions into his work, and it fascinated him. It was a marriage of pencil and paper, facilitated by the artist. 

A while later, Merlin took the pencil off the paper. "All done!" he said with a smile. Arthur took the paper to see a beautiful sketch of himself lying on the ground, eyes closed, a serene smile on his face. "Have you ever considered becoming a model?"
Arthur smiled. "That's what I'll do if the lawyer business falls through." They laughed at that. Arthur noticed Merlin had picked up the pencil again. "What are you drawing now?"
Merlin gestured to the scenery. "I wouldn't want to forget this moment." Arthur nodded in understanding. "Of course, whatever I draw still won't quite do it justice."
"True. But you have your memories. And you have me." Merlin smiled. 

"Have a nice honeymoon?" Gwaine asked when they arrived at Arthur's flat, hand in hand. Arthur rolled his eyes. 
"We're not even married yet!" Merlin protested. 
"Yet?" Gwaine noted, a smirk creeping across his face. "This one's a keeper," he said to Arthur. 
"Pay no attention to Gwaine; he doesn't know what he's talking about," Arthur insisted in an exasperated tone. 
"Oh? So you don't think I'm a keeper?" Merlin asked in mock disappointment, stepping back from Athur and letting go of his hand.  
"Okay, so maybe he's right about that," Arthur admitted, pulling Merlin back towards him. 
"Good, because I certainly think you're a keeper," Merlin said with pride. 
"If only my father were that easy to persuade," Arthur sighed, his expression becoming somber. 
"We'll convince him, don't worry," Merlin said, looking into Arthur's eyes with determination. 
Arthur gave a weak smile. "Tell you what, if we're still together after a week - which I certainly hope we'll be - we'll tell Father. Together."
"Seal it with a kiss?" Arthur asked. Merlin nodded and kissed Arthur. 
"Get a room, you two," Gwaine said, rolling his eyes. They sighed and went to Arthur's bedroom. 

"Sounds like you've got yourself quite the man," Gwen replied, sitting on the couch in her newly restored room. Merlin nodded. "Fancy a double date with me and Lance tomorrow?" 
Merlin smiled. "Of course. It seems I can't go a day without seeing Arthur."
"Ah yes, I remember that stage."
"Wait, you mean it doesn't last forever?"
"No, but then it blossoms into a beautiful, loyal, patient love. It's still love, just stronger."
"I don't know that my love could get any stronger; my heart is already bursting."
"You'd be surprised," Gwen noted sagely.

Arthur was on the phone. "Hi, Elena... Yeah, I know it's been a while, sorry about that... Yes I did, you were right all along... Of course he's an amazing guy! I wouldn't settle for anything less... Messy black hair, beautiful smile, just all-around gorgeous... Yes, he's got a personality, too. He's smart, cheeky, kind - he's got it all... Thank you. So have you found anyone? You came out ages ago, but last time we talked, you were still single... Oh, you did? What's her name?... Well, send Mithian my love... Yes, of course I'll send Merlin your love... You want a double-date? When?... Tommorrow sounds fine... See you then. Bye!" As soon as he hung up, his phone rang again. Arthur looked at the picture of Merlin with his adorable smile, and Arthur's felt his heart surge as he formed a smile of his own. 

"Hello, my queen?"
"I thought we'd gone over this, sire."
"Oh fine, Merlin. Way to be a killjoy."
"Apologies, my lord. I did not mean to interrupt your fun. My goal is to serve you." Arthur rolled his eyes, then remembered that Merlin couldn't see him, so he sighed. 
"What did you call for, Merlin?"
"I was thinking maybe we could go out for a date tomorrow? Well, a double date. Gwen and Lance invited us." Arthur laughed uproariously. "What? What's so funny?"
"Elena and Mithian invited us to a double date tomorrow. It'll be a double double date!"
"Wouldn't that be a quadriple date?"
"No, that would be four couples at once. Come on, Merlin!"
"Hm, I guess it could work. Elena and Mithian for lunch, Gwen and Lance for dinner?"
"Sounds good to me."
"See you then."
"You can count on it, Merlin." Arthur hung up and looked at the ceiling with an idiotic smile on his face. He was in love, and it was wonderful. At the same time, Merlin looked up at the ceiling with a similar smile on his face. It seems the two were, indeed, destined for each other. 

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Channel 5 (Merlin fanfiction): Chapter 13

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

The cast of the new show joined together to discuss the results.
"I think that went pretty well," Gwen commented. Everyone agreed to that. 
"Nice kissing!" Gwaine said, wolf-whistling at Merlin and Arthur. Merlin blushed, but Arthur just beamed. 
"I thought you were doing advertising?" Merlin asked, confused as to why Gwaine had been acting. 
"I convinced Morgana to take it over. And I mean, we already made most of the adverts anyway."
"And Mordred?"
"I set up a timer on the camera with a combination of technology and magic. That way, I don't have to actively deal with it," Mordred replied. "And of course, if something messes up the timing, I can still control the camera remotely."
"So, what's next?" Arthur asked. 

Fortheloveofcamelot has entered the room, Albion Chat
Lady_of_the_Lake has entered the room
Entertainment_at_Ealdor has entered the room
Destined2Bqueenofcamelot has entered the room
Fortheloveofcamelot: Now what?
Destined2Bqueenofcamelot: First of all, statistics. You've got viewers, but only a couple hundred. You've got a long way to go before you reach your goal. 
Fortheloveofcamelot: Who are you?
Destined2Bqueenofcamelot: Morgana? Your boss? Ring any bells?
Fortheloveofcamelot: Oh. Okay. I just wasn't expecting that username, is all. 
Lady_of_the_Lake: Ratings and reviews are mostly positive, but there aren't many. The main complaint is that there was too much bickering and not enough romance. 
Entertainment_at_Ealdor: I told you we should have had them make out, Freya!
Lady_of_the_Lake: Shut up, Will. Anyway, you guys have a week until your next episode. Will and I hope to have a script completed soon. In the meantime, do whatever you want. It must be rather boring there, I'd think. 
Fortheloveofcamelot: It's not too bad. 
Entertainment_at_Ealdor: You're just saying that because you get to kiss Merlin. 
Fortheloveofcamelot: That does help :)
Entertainment_at_Ealdor: I told you, Freya!
Fortheloveofcamelot: The gang says hi, by the way. We're all here; I'm just the one who logged into the chat. Alright now, we better leave you to your scriptwriting. 
Fortheloveofcamelot has left the room
The time had finally come for another episode.

Merlin sat in the living room of his apartment with Gwen.
"I'm just saying you should give him another chance," she said.
"Are you mad?"
"And besides, if he's so great, why aren't you still dating him?"
"Because he's gay, remember?" Merlin sighed. "Come on!"
"He's exactly your type."
"Yeah, complete asshole, that's my type alright," Merlin said ruefully.
"He's not half that bad."
"You're right, he's twice that bad."
"Merlin! He may be my ex but I will not have you speak about him like that!"
"What are you gonna do, call him?"
"Maybe I will."
"You know I'm never getting together with him."
"You sure about that?"
"I'm sure," Merlin said, his voice becoming strained.
"I'm just saying he's your type. And I know you're his type - smart, cute, not afraid to speak your mind."
"And I spoke my mind when I told him to get lost."
"You can't deceive yourself forever, Merlin." Merlin sighed and went into his room.

Gwen was on the phone with Lancelot. "So I heard Merlin found someone last night?"
"Maybe, but he doesn't think so. You remember Arthur?"
"Your ex?"
"That's the one."
"What about him?"
"They met yesterday and I think they're perfect for each other. Merlin doesn't think so, though. He hates him."
"Ouch. And what about Arthur? How does he feel?"
"I'm not sure; I haven't talked to him since then. I think he likes Merlin, but I'm not sure."
"God help poor Merlin if Arthur does love him."
"Come on, we both know how prattish and eccentric Arthur is. He only gets worse when he's in love."
"It's true; he never was good at showing affection."
"Probably because his father taught him to smother his feelings."
"Uther is certainly smothered. Stifling, too." Lancelot laughed.
"Don't tell him that to his face."
"I may be bold, but I'm not stupid. Anyway, back to Arthur and Merlin. We need to get them together."
"Agreed. This calls for a meeting of the Round Table."

Gwen, Elyan, Lancelot, Percival, and Gwaine sat gathered at a table in Camelot Coffeeshop.
"You know, it's not actually a round table," Elyan pointed out.
"Well we couldn't very well call it the Square Table, could we?" Gwaine countered. "And besides, that's not why we call it the Round Table. It's because we're all named after people in Arthurian legend."
"Speaking of which," Percival asked, "where is Arthur? He's usually the one leading these meetings."
"This meeting concerns Arthur, so I thought it best not to invite him," Lancelot answered. "I called this meeting because of Arthur and Merlin."
"Is Merlin the guy Arthur danced with, or the one he kissed?" Gwaine asked.
"The one he kissed," Gwen said. "Wait, Arthur kissed Merlin?"
"Yeah, didn't you see it? You were there. I mean, you were in the bar."
"So Arthur kissed a guy. I don't see how this is any of our business," Elyan said impatiently.
"Arthur kissed Merlin accidentally, and when he realized, he ran away."
"Arthur? Running away? I've never known him to be a coward," Percival commented.
"And that's not the worst bit," Gwen said. "Merlin hates him."
"Merlin's not interested, Arthur should go away, that's the end." Elyan started to get up, but Gwaine pulled him back down.
"But that's just the thing," Gwen continued. "I don't think Merlin actually hates Arthur. And I think Arthur's smitten with him. You know how clingy he can get." They all laughed at that.
"Fine," Elyan relented. "What's the game plan?"
"That's what I called this meeting for," Lancelot said. "Any ideas?"
"We could make them go out with each other," Percival suggested.
"And how would we do that?" Gwen asked. "There's no way Merlin will agree to go out with Arthur, and I doubt Arthur would agree to go out with Merlin, even if he is in love."
"Then we set them up," Gwaine said slyly. "I tell Arthur I'm going to meet him here, and Gwen tells Merlin she's going to meet him here, but then neither of us show up, so they're stuck with each other."
"I should have known you would resort to sneaky tactics," Gwen said with a smile. "But desperate times call for desperate measures. I'm in."
"Okay, it's time for a vote," Lancelot announced. "All in favor?" They all said 'aye'. "Well that settles it then. Gwen, Gwaine, when it's over, tell us all how it went."
"Will do," Gwaine said. Then they left.
Merlin sat at a table of two, sipping a latte. "You're late," he said not looking up.
"Whatever," Arthur replied. Admittedly not his best comeback. Merlin finally looked up, then nearly jumped back in shock.
"Arthur? What are you doing here?"
"I'm supposed to meet Gwaine. And what about you, Merlin?"
"I'm supposed to meet Gwen. Wait a minute... they set us up, didn't it."
"It certainly looks that way." Arthur took a sip of his coffee.
"What kind of coffee is that?"
"Like your soul."
"At least I have one." Merlin got up to leave, but Arthur stopped him. "Don't leave me! Um... I mean... we may as well stay until we finish our coffee." Merlin thought for a moment.
"I suppose I can endure your company for that long." Arthur smiled.
"That's an improvement."
"Don't get any ideas."
"Hey, it's not like I asked to meet up with you."
"But you like it."
"I suppose you're right."
"Aha, so the egotistical jerk can admit someone else is right!"
"Only for you, Merlin." Merlin frowned at the obvious flirtation, clearly uncomfortable.
"Don't. Not now."
"Sorry," Arthur said, the smile dropping off his face.
"It's not your fault, it's just... never mind. What happened last night?" Arthur blushed like a tomato.
"Um, well, you know the game... and you happened to be nearby..."
"No, not that. Before that. You being nice to me and all. What changed?"
"I felt sorry for how I treated you and I um... wanted to change your opinion of me, I guess."
"I was just some random guy you met on the street. Why would you care what I thought of you?"
"Oh, well... um..."
"Are you always this speechless?"
"Not really... I mean sometimes... um... yeah. My brain seems to have left me. But, uh, going back to your question, it wasn't so much that I wanted to change what you thought of me as that I wanted to make up for how mean I was to you. Or something like that."
"Or maybe you're one of those people who acts all confident on the outside, but is actually desperate for the validation of others." Arthur bristled, then relaxed and laughed.
"Yeah, maybe." They sat in silence for a minute. "So, tell me about yourself." Merlin scowled.
"That better not have been a pickup line."
"It doesn't have to be if you don't want it to. But the fact remains that I bared my soul-" Merlin sniggered at that "-to you, and I don't know anything about you."
"Merlin. 22. Studying art at the University of the Arts London."
"Arthur. 24. Heir to Pendragon Attorneys. Studying law at King's College."
"Are you studying it because you want to, or because you feel like you have to?"
"I've spent my whole life trying to live up to my father's expectations, so it's hard to say. I'm not too fond of law, though. What about your father? Is he supportive of your career choices?" Merlin said nothing, but tears began to form in his eyes. He changed the subject.

"What happened last night? And now I do mean the kiss. Well, specifically, what happened after it. I mean, you give me a kiss that seems to have a lot of desire-"
"Hey, you kissed me back!"
"Only because I was to polite to recoil in disgust." Arthur rolled his eyes. "And because I didn't know who you were. But back to what I was saying. You kiss me, and then you blush. And before I can say anything, you run away! What was all that about?" Arthur thought for a moment, deliberating on something, then took a deep breath and spoke.
"I've... never been with a guy before. It took me a while to realize that I was never actually attracted to any of the girls I'd dated, and I thought maybe I was asexual or something, but then I started noticing guys and that's when I realized I was gay. Since then, I haven't gotten a boyfriend or anything yet. I hadn't even kissed a guy... until yesterday. And the truth is, I'd very much like to kiss you again."
"Then why don't you?"
"I thought you hated me."
"I'm willing to reconsider," Merlin replied with a smile. "But you didn't answer my question. Why..." But Merlin's sentence was cut off as Arthur's lips met his.
"I don't know, maybe I need a little something... more," Merlin replied.
"I never would have pegged you to be such a hussy."
"So? My place or yours?" Arthur's face fell. "I was joking, I don't actually want to go that fast." Arthur said nothing. "What is it? What's wrong?"
"Oh, it's nothing. I'm surprised you warmed up to me so fast."
"Maybe it's because you're as hot as your coffee." Arthur laughed.
"Guess I better drink it before it gets cold then."
"But you still didn't answer my question."
"I told you, it's nothing."
"You really expect me to believe that?" Arthur said nothing. "I hope you realize I'm not letting you leave until you answer me."
"What is this, an interrogation?"
"Yes. Now then, tell me what's up, or I'll steal your coffee." Arthur still remained silent, so Merlin reached for the coffee. Arthur had quick reflexes and blocked Merlin easily.
"Not so fast."
"Oh, you can't handle speed?" Merlin smirked. They fought over the cup of coffee, until Arthur accidentally spilled it over Merlin. "I guess that makes us even," Merlin said with a smile.
"So does that mean I don't have to answer your question?" Merlin shook his head.
"I have other ways of making you stay." Merlin walked over to Arthur and sat on his lap. Arthur slipped his arm around Merlin, and the two made themselves comfortable. "So, tell me about it." Arthur sighed.
"You're really not going to give up, are you?"
"Alright, then." Arthur took a deep breath. "It's my father, Uther. He's vocal about condemning a lot of things, and homosexuality is one of them. When I told him I was gay, he had a fit. When he finally calmed down, he assured me that it was 'just a phase' and I would be a 'good, respectable boy' who would make sure to marry a wealthy girl and 'continue the Pendragon line'. Ugh. I haven't had a boyfriend yet because I'm afraid of what he would do if he found out." Merlin gave a sympathetic, rueful smile. "But what about you? What's your father like?"
"I never really knew. He left when I was young, and I haven't seen him since. I don't even know if he's still alive."

They had finished their coffee, so they had no more excuses to talk, but neither of them left. Instead, they sat in a gentle, sad but comfortable silence. It was Merlin who spoke first.
"Why what?"
"Why let him ruin your life?"
"He's my father."
"That doesn't make him your dictator. Listen, a while ago somebody... messed up my life, took advantage of me, made me miserable. And thankfully, he's gone. But for the longest time, his influence stayed over me. I kept feeling awful because of him, even though he was gone. And then, I decided that I couldn't let him be in charge of my life. I just... stopped. And it wasn't easy. It still isn't. And of course, it's not like I've forgotten. But I have got closer to moving on. And when I went to Avalon, for that brief time when I wasn't dealing with a certain prat-"
"I had fun. For the first time since I left him, I had fun."
"And I ruined it." Merlin shook his head.
"No. At least, not anymore. I don't hate you quite so much anymore," Merlin said with a smirk. "But anyway, all I'm trying to say is, don't let your dad be in charge of your life. Don't be miserable just to please him. He's not worth that. Nobody is worth that. If somebody makes you miserable, you leave. If you want... me, don't let him stop you. Just go for it, and if he doesn't like it, you can always leave."
"Where would I go?"
"With me, silly. We could elope."
"Wow, you really do move fast. I haven't even proposed yet!"
"Who says you'd be first?"
"Fair point. But anyway, are you sure? You really think this is a good idea?"
Merlin kissed Arthur, ruffling his hair. "That means yes, you prat."

Merlin and Arthur walked hand-in-hand to Merlin's flat.
"Now then, a good man would thank the people who brought him and his boyfriend together."
"Ah, but you forget," Merlin said with the mischievous smirk that Arthur was quickly becoming familiar with. "I'm not a good man." Arthur smiled, too.
"So, what revenge are we planning for those who set us up?"
"Know how to turn a bedroom upside down?" Arthur laughed.
"How will we do that with Gwen here?"
"We actually have one big bedroom with two beds. I don't know why. I think it was cheaper that way or something. Anyway, all we have to do is go into the bedroom together and Gwen will stay out." Arthur smirked.
"You devious genius, you!" Merlin smiled. "Any special acting we need to do to make this plan work?"
"Nope, just be yourself," Merlin replied. "Actually, on second thought..."
"Just kidding! Two days and we're already squabbling like an old married couple." Arthur laughed. "But you should make sure to show how completely smitten you are with me," Merlin said, smiling.
He was still smiling when Gwen opened the door.
"Merlin! And Arthur! How nice to see you!" Arthur leaned forward and kissed Merlin.
"So, Arthur, would you like to come in?" Merlin asked, a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. Arthur smiled and walked in, still holding Merlin's hand.
"I take it your date was successful?" Gwen asked. They both nodded.
"We'll be going to the bedroom, so you might want to avoid going in," Merlin warned Gwen.
"Very successful. Not taking it slow this time, are you?" She watched with gleeful curiosity as they walked to the bedroom, but left them alone.

"What did she mean 'not taking it slow this time'?"
"In all my other relationships, I've waited until the 5th date at least to have sex, and I'm never the one to suggest it. Usually, I wait until the girl's begging me. Like I said, I didn't realize that I wasn't attracted to girls until recently." Merlin shrugged. "So, how are we gonna do this?"
"Well, I've got a lot of superglue. And you're tall, so you can help me put stuff up. But first," Merlin took a few pictures of the room. "Okay. Now we know what it looks like. Our goal is to match this layout and put it on the ceiling."
"Let's do it!"
"Well, that's what Gwen thinks we're doing," Merlin whispered in reply. They chuckled.

Gwen heard loud banging sounds. And grunting. A lot of grunting. And of course the typical moaning of each other's names. Merlin and Arthur were certainly being loud. And of course, they made sure she heard all the right things out of context. 

"It's so big!" Arthur said, pointing to Gwen's bed.
"You like it?"
"I love it!" They continued to make noise, but Gwen couldn't make out any words.
"I need you," Gwen heard, "to help me put this up," Merlin finished quietly. They continued to work on moving all the objects.
"It's so hard!" Arthur shouted, pointing to the wooden desk that was heavier than it looked.
"I'm gonna come," Merlin shouted "help you," he said in a hushed tone. They sniggered at their deception. 

Gwen decided she had heard enough.
Hey are you free right now? - Gwen
Of course, sweetheart. - Lancelot
Wanna go on a date with me? - Gwen
Yeah sure, what's the sudden occasion? - Lancelot
Merlin and Arthur are having sex in Merlin's room. - Gwen
No way! Already? - Lancelot
Yep. And they're being super loud, too. lol - Gwen
Don't worry, I'll rescue you. - Lancelot
Meet you at the pizza place you like so much? - Gwen
Be there in 10. - Lancelot

"The coast is clear!" Merlin called.
"Good, I was getting tired of calling your name."
"At least we didn't have to make any noises. That was all built in." Merlin grunted as he attempted to pick up Gwen's bookshelf.
"True," Arthur said, taking it from him. "So, are we going to do this for Gwaine, too?"
"I'd love to, but I think this will only work once. It's not like Gwen will keep quiet. We'll have to think of something else." They continued to move furniture. The finishing touch was to transfer Gwen's flowers from a vase to a basket and hang them from the ceiling. They took a moment to survey the results of their devious labor.
"How does it look?"
"Perfect. Gwen is gonna flip." Arthur laughed, and then Merlin realized his joke. "Pun unintended, but still rather good."
"So, what now?"
"Let's go to Gwaine's. See if we can figure something out."

When they arrived at Arthur and Gwaine's shared flat, Gwaine wasn't home.
"Of course," Arthur said. "How could I forget? Gwaine always goes out with friends in the evening. He won't be back until 10 at the earliest."
"What time is it now?"
"6. Hey, did we ever eat lunch?" Merlin's stomach growled. "I'll take that as a no." Arthur looked at Merlin. "God, you're so skinny, Merlin!"
"What, are you going to fatten me up?"
"Of course, my love," Arthur said with a smile. They proceeded to raid the kitchen, eating all the delicious food specifically marked 'FOR GWAINE ONLY. KEEP OUT! ESPECIALLY YOU, ARTHUR!'
"Have you stolen his food before?"
"Maybe," Arthur said with a guilty smile on his face. They helped themselves to every last piece of Gwaine's food. 
"I can see why Gwaine keeps this to himself; it's delicious!"

After they had finished eating, Merlin spoke again. "So, I'm guessing that wasn't the extent of our revenge?"
"No. I've got an excellent plan." Arthur smiled mischievously, copying the expression he had seen on Merlin's face.
"I'm a bad influence, aren't I?"
"Yes, but you're my bad influence."
"That was the soppiest thing I've ever heard!"
"Don't worry, I'll soon top it." Merlin punched Arthur lightly, and Arthur punched him back. Merlin rolled his eyes and then kissed Arthur. "So you like the soppiness, then." Merlin sighed. 
"You got me. But this can wait until later. What's the plan?"

"The important thing to remember about Gwaine is that he loves his beauty products," Arthur said as they stood in Arthur and Gwaine's shared bathroom. "Our goal is to take advantage of that by sabotaging each product."
"Do you have all the necessary stuff?"
"No, we'll have to go to the store once we figure out what we need." Arthur looked around. "Okay, let's start with this," he said, picking up a shampoo bottle. "Hair removal gel?"
"No, too cruel. How about hair dye? What kind would he hate the most?"
"I think Gwaine would be mortified to find himself with grey hair."
"Temporary or permanent?"
"I think temporary will do just fine. And actually, we should do the conditioner, not the shampoo - he'll keep it on longer."
"Next - lip gloss."
"Gwaine uses lip gloss? Switch it out for the contents of a glue stick. Well I mean, as long as it isn't toxic."
"He'll be fine. Hair gel?"
"Maple syrup."
"Rotten egg or something equally foul smelling."
"Facial cleanser?"
"I don't know."
"Pumpkin juice."
"Pumpkin juice. He hates pumpkins, so he won't want to rub pumpkin juice all over his face."
"Well then, I think we're all set." They went to the store and then came back, changing everything as they had planned.

"I believe this is where we part ways," Arthur said.
"I think so. Thank you for helping with revenge. Revenge is sweet."
"So is your kiss," Arthur replied. Merlin laughed and kissed Arthur.
"Good night, good night. Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow."
"Shakespeare, Merlin, really?"
"You like it," Merlin said flirtatiously.
"Speak low if you speak love."
"My heart is ever at your service."
"I love you with so much of my heart that none is left to protest."
"So far be distant; and good night, sweet friend: thy love ne'er alter, till they sweet life end."
"For where thou art, there is the world itself, And where thou art not, desolation."
"We are time's subjects, and time bids be gone."
"All days are nights to see till I see thee,
And nights bright days when dreams do show thee me."
"Let's kiss and part, for we have much to do." Arthur sighed, and then they did indeed kiss and part. 

"Would you like to explain what happened to my room?" Gwen asked in frustration. 
"That's what you get for setting me up!"
"How did you... never mind. It doesn't matter. The point is, you are getting this back to normal right now."
"Then you're sleeping on the floor." Merlin rolled his eyes and pulled out his phone. 

Gwen wants me to change everything back or she'll sleep in my bed and make me sleep on the floor. - Merlin
Sorry, guess we should have thought that one through. - Arthur
It was worth it for the look on her face, though. - Merlin
Lol. Gwen is so funny when she's angry. - Arthur
Ikr? I forgot you dated her, so you know her pretty well. - Merlin
I've got all sorts of secrets about her I can use as blackmail. - Arthur
You villain! Haha. So can I crash at your place? - Merlin
Yeah sure - Arthur
Great! - Merlin
We don't have an extra bed though. You can sleep on the couch or the floor. Or if you really want to, my bed. I'll take the couch for you :) - Arthur
Or if you really want, we can share a bed ;) - Arthur
Who's going fast now? Lol. We can work out sleeping arrangements when I get there. - Merlin
Great! See you soon! - Arthur
Btw, does Gwaine know what we've done? - Merlin
Not yet. And he doesn't suspect a thing. - Arthur
*evil grin* - Merlin

Merlin knocked on the door, and Gwaine opened it. "Merlin‽"
"Yeah, I'm looking for Arthur." Gwaine smiled and cocked an eyebrow at that. 
"Well in that case, I'd be glad to help you. Come right in." Merlin did, and he saw Arthur sitting on the couch.
"What have you decided?"
"I think I'll share a bed with you for the night." Gwaine's eyebrows shot higher than seemed humanly possible and his smile turned into a cheeky, prideful grin. 

"Oh yeah," Merlin said when he and Arthur were alone in the room, "just because I said I wanted to share a bed doesn't mean I want to... you know. We barely know each other."
"Of course. And before we turn in for the night, there's something I should tell you."
"Oh God, you're not one of those people that sleeps naked, are you?"
"No, no, of course not. But I do talk in my sleep. At least, that's what Gwen says."
"Well, I'll be sure to let you know in the morning if you say anything of interest."
"Alright then. Now, I know you've said none of the other stuff, but we can still kiss, I hope?"
"You are such an idiot," Merlin answered, crashing his lips against Arthur's. They kissed for what seemed like an eternity, and then they snuggled into bed, keeping each other warm. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thank You!

Happy Thanksgiving! In honor of the holiday, I'm making a post about all the people and things I have to thank for this blog.

Family - thanks to my family who started me on this and has continued to support me. After I'd written several fanfics, my mom suggested that I start this blog. My sister came up with the name for the blog. My dad is the one who gets the internet set up, without which I would be unable to write my blog. And as for my brother, he hasn't really helped. Sorry. 

Real-life friends - thanks to my friends who discuss my fandoms with me and support me. 

Internet friends and blog readers - thanks to all of you who read my blog, liking, sharing, and commenting my posts. Some of you have even inspired blog posts! 

The Star Cult - thanks to the awesome Doctor Who community that has led to brilliant discussions, given me great internet friends, and provided ideas for fanfics by hosting fanfiction challenges. 

Pond's Philosophy Guild - thanks to this community that has taught me to think deeply and sparked some blog post ideas. 

Authors/screenwriters/etc. - thanks to the creative minds behind my favorite books, movies, and TV shows. Without them, I would have nothing to get excited about. 

Actors and actresses - thanks to the amazing people who act out the wonderful TV shows and movies that I discuss here. Often, it is the actor's (or actress's) performance that really makes a show great. 

Directors/producers/editors/etc. - thanks to the people who bring something from a simple idea to a finished work. 

My English teachers - thanks to the people who have helped me to improve my writing skills. 

Books - thanks to the reading materials that increased my literacy and imagination and brought me into the magical world of fandoms. 

Computers/TV/the internet - thanks to the devices that let me watch my favorite shows/movies and discuss them with others in the fandom. 

Google - thanks to the company that created Google+, where I started getting really into fandoms, and Google Blogs, which is how I created this blog. 

That's about all I can think of in terms of thanks. Thank you all again, and have a great Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fandom School (3rd period): Creating Fan Works To Deal With Feels

And now it's time for your favorite part of this blog (or so the statistics suggest), Fandom School! Today's topic is feels. To catch up on the subject, read my earlier posts, I Can't Even: The Heart of a Fangirl and How To Deal With Feels. In the second post, one of the strategies I suggested was creating something to deal with the feels, and I'd like to expand on that here.

There are many types of fan works fanwarriors may create, including fanfiction (click here to learn about different types of fanfiction and here to read my fanfiction), fanart, and fan music (click here to see my original fandom songs and fandom parodies of existing songs). One of the many reasons people create fan works is to deal with feels.

How can this help? Well, if a person is feeling sad about something that happened in their fandom (by "fandom", I mean the book/movie/TV show, not the people who like it), they may create a fanwork to unleash all that grief. Doing something with your feelings makes it much easier to deal with. A few examples of fan works I have made to deal with feels are a parody of "I Dreamed A Dream" (to deal with my sadness about Rose's separation from the Doctor), a parody of "Let It Go" (to deal with my feels about the Tenth Doctor's regeneration), and Lake of Lament (a poetry fic to deal with my feels about all the people Merlin has lost).

Also, a person may create a fan work to deviate from canon and change the outcome to what he/she wants it to be. There's a reason lots of people write Fix-It fics. In this way, the creator can pretend that the bad stuff never happened, or that it's better somehow, and this alleviates the feels.

When you create a fan work to deal with feels, it's much the same as any other fan work, except that you pour your heart and soul and the deepest depths of your anguish into it. You give it your all, hoping that it will make you feel better, and often it does.

Your fan work may give other people feels, but that's a risk you have to take. And by sharing your feels through fan work, you connect with others who understand your pain and appreciate the homage.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Don't Think "Fangirl", Think "Fanwarrior"

For the sake of convenience, I use the term "fangirl" to refer to anyone in a fandom. But that's not exactly right. 

First, think about the connotations of the word. "Fangirl" suggests a teenage girl who is infatuated with everything mainstream, giggling and screaming and generally being obnoxiously obsessed with whatever the object of their latest attention happens to be. "Fangirl" suggests a person who likes actors for their appearance and not their personality. "Fangirl" suggests a person who is wholly consumed with their fandom(s), taking but often giving nothing in return (except for maybe fan works like fanfiction and fanart). "Fangirl" denotes a very small subset of people who really are not representative of most people in fandoms.

But we are so much better than that. We hold tight to our fandoms, even if nobody else knows about them, even if everybody hates them, even if the book/movie/show is over, even if all the fan works are awful, even if the actors change, even if the writing starts becoming less amazing (I'm looking at you, Moffat)... We stick with our fandoms no matter what because it's not the actors (or the individual episodes, or the [insert relevant noun here]) we love, it's the story. Currently, the word "girl" is an insult (don't even get me started on that whole feminist rant), so "fangirl" implies that we are weak, but we are so far from that. We are not "girls". We are warriors, fighting for what we love.

And of course, wars have casualties. We fanwarriors see the end of our favorite characters, the awful movie adaptations of amazing books, the sadness of characters who are betrayed or separated or forgotten, the sacrifice of a hero or a repentant villain or a supporting character we've come to love.

And we, too, make sacrifices. We wait in line for hours to meet amazing celebrities or watch new movies, we spend countless amounts of money on fan merchandise, we dedicate all the time we have to enjoying and contributing to our fandoms, we abandon all hope of a social life outside of our fandoms.

And of course, we contribute to our fandoms. There are the usual suspects - fanart, fanfiction, fandom blogs, etc. - but there are also bigger, nobler contributions (not that there's anything wrong with fanfiction or other fan works). Harry Potter fans created the Harry Potter Alliance. The website reads, "The Harry Potter Alliance turns fans into heroes. We’re changing the world by making activism accessible through the power of story. Since 2005, we’ve engaged millions of fans through our work for equality, human rights, and literacy." Fans of John and Hank Green are called nerdfighters. Nerdfighters are proud to be intelligent, "made of awesome", and working to decrease WorldSuck.

This doesn't even scratch the surface of how amazing fans are, though. Just remember: we are not fangirls, we are fanwarriors. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Channel 5 (Merlin fanfiction): Chapter 12

I should note that this chapter has some language in it (not a lot, so unless you're really sensitive to that kind of thing, you should be fine). I tried not writing it in, but it just didn't sound right. Anyway, enjoy!

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

They had rehearsed their parts many times and Merlin had cast a spell to ensure they remembered all their lines. It was time to go. Arthur and Merlin took a deep breath.

People walked by on a crowded street. The camera cut to a businessman carrying a briefcase and wearing an expensive suit, a determined, self-important look on his face. He looked at his wristwatch and changed from walking briskly to running, somehow continuing to look stately and dignified as he did so. Of course, he wasn't paying attention to whet he was going. He ran headlong into a man carrying a cup of coffee. The scalding coffee spilled all over the businessman and his briefcase. The businessman jumped back. 
"You idiot!" he shouted. "Why weren't you looking where you were going?"
"I could ask the same of you."
"You'll pay for that!"
"Pay for your inconvenience, yes. Pay for my response, no."
"I'll have you know, I've been trained to sue since birth."
"Oh really? And how long have you been training to be a prat?"
"You can't address me like that."
"I'm sorry." The man bowed his head in mock apology. "How long have you been training to be a prat, Sir?" he said, emphasizing the word "Sir" to make it sound like an insult. "Listen, mate, I'm really sorry about the coffee..."
"Do I know you?"
"Sorry, what?"
"Do I know you?" the man asked again, sounding even more irritated. 
"Yet you called me 'mate'."
"My mistake."
"It certainly was."
"I would never have a friend who could be such an ass."
"Nor I one who could be so stupid."
"I'm really sorry, though. I can pay for the dry cleaning, buy you a new briefcase, whatever you need..."
"No, you'd only mess it up more, you incompetent git."
"I may be many things, but incompetent is not one of them."
"I could take you apart with one blow."
"I could take you apart with less than that."
"I. Don't. Care. I have much more important things to do than converse with lower class imbeciles who can't even carry a cup of coffee without spilling it all over someone!"
"Oh, so you think because I'm poor, I'm stupid?" the man yelled, his temper rising. 
"I don't have time for your nonsense. You are a waste of space! You're completely useless! Worse, you ruin the lives of everyone around you! You..." the businessman halted his tirade to look at the other man. "Are you... crying?"
"It has nothing to do with you; don't flatter yourself. I've had enough arrogant bullshit for one day. Enough for a lifetime! Leave me alone!"
"Oh, you're telling me to leave? What makes you think you're in charge?"
"Oh I don't know, how about the fact that I get to decide who I don't want to be with? I'm done!"
"I hope to never have the pleasure of seeing you again," the businessman said bitterly, turning on his heels. The two men stalked away in angry silence. 

The door of an apartment slammed open and the man who had spilt the coffee walked in. 
"What is it, Merlin?" asked a woman in the room. 
"Come on, I know you better than that."
"I don't want to talk about it." Merlin crossed his arms and sat on the couch, facing away from her. 
"Is it about Cenred?"
"Sort of," Merlin replied, lowering his eyes to the floor. 
"Tell me all about it." She sat down next to him.
"Oh, I don't know where to start, Gwen. I..." he sighed. "I ran into this guy..." Gwen raised her eyebrows. "Not like that!  I literally ran into him. Spilled my coffee on him and everything. And he was such a prat about it! It... it reminded me of Cenred."
"He can't have been that bad!"
"No, he wasn't. But he was bad enough. I just couldn't take it. The painful memories keep coming back. I've had a miserable day." Gwen nodded sympathetically.
"So, how about we drown out the memories with ice cream and chick flicks?"
"Gwen!" Merlin then launched into a lengthy argument about how chick flicks were sexist and why does the girl 'get' the guy (or vice versa) anyways, why can't they get each other, and why do girls have to be called 'chicks', it's so degrading.
"I was kidding, Merlin; I know how much you hate them."
"You're really not making my day any better."
"Sorry." She laid a hand on his shoulder. She thought for a moment. "You know what you need?"
"I'm afraid to ask."
"You need a night out."
"You heard me. You need a night out. You haven't had any fun since you broke up with Cenred. He ruined your life enough when you were with him. You can't let him keep ruining it now that he's gone." Merlin sighed.
"I suppose you're right. What did you have in mind?"
"How about Avalon?"
"The gay bar?"
"Why not?"
"You're only saying that because you want to see me get drunk. You know how much of a lightweight I am."
"I still think you'd like it."
"Oh, fine."

The businessman angrily stalked into his flat.
"What's wrong, Princess?" his flatmate asked.
"Nothing, Gwaine. And don't call me Princess!"
"I'll stop calling you Princess if you tell me what's wrong."
"There is nothing wrong."
"Come off it, Princess; I can smell the sexual frustration from miles away."
"That's only because you'll have sex with anything that moves."
"Who says it has to move? And yes, it does make me more adept at noticing these things. But you still haven't told me, what is it?" The businessman sighed.
"I met a guy..."
"Oh?" Gwaine's eyes lit up in vicarious attraction. "What's he like?"
"Really hot. He's got messy jet black hair, an amazing... well actually I didn't see him smile, so I don't know, but I assume he has a nice smile. He's lean, but not too skinny. His lips are gorgeous..."
"Does he have a nice arse?"
"Gwaine!" the businessman blushed. "Yes, he does have a nice arse."
"Well then, go for it!"
"That's just the thing. He hates me."
"Oh, Arthur."
"Why do I always have to fall in love with the wrong people?"
"Maybe you don't."
"What are you saying, Gwaine?"
"What you need, mate, is a good shag. That'll release some of your frustration. And who knows, maybe you'll find someone else to fall in love with!"
"Father would have my head."
"He doesn't have to know."
"And besides, where would I go to find someone? All the guys I know are straight."
"You forgot me!" Gwaine protested.
"Right, sorry, but I'm not dating you. You're my obnoxious friend, nothing more."
"So, where would I go?"
"Have you ever been to a gay bar?"
"What? No!"
"I'm telling you, it's the best place to pick up a guy. And I know a real nice one 'round here."
"But... but..."
"Come on, Arthur. We're going to Avalon."

Gwen was driving Merlin to the bar. "So other than the annoying guy, how was your day?"
"He kind of ruined my entire day. Other than that, fine!" Merlin said with a false smile on his face.
"What did he do?"
"Oh, not much, just said that I was stupid and stuff like that. I hadn't been having a great day to begin with, so that was enough to tip me over the edge."
"Oh, and he said he'd been trained to sue since birth. Like, seriously?"
"Funny, that sounds like something Arthur would say. Wait a minute - this man, what did he look like?"
"Blonde, blue eyes, muscular... stereotypical jerk. He was carrying a briefcase that said 'Pendragon Attorneys'..."
"That's got to be Arthur."
"You dated that jerk?"
"He's actually not that bad once you get to know him. He just has a hot temper."
"Is that why you broke up with him?"
"No, no, I broke up with him because I found Lance, and Arthur broke up with me because he found out he was gay. We were both like 'I have something to tell you', and then we laughed for a few minutes at the convenience of it and parted, no hard feelings."
"But wait, if he's gay, does that mean..."
"No, he doesn't drink."
"Thank goodness for that."

They pulled up to the bar and walked in. Merlin sat down next to Gwen and began to drown his sorrows. A few minutes later, Arthur walked in. Neither of them saw each other, and Arthur got on the dance floor. After changing partners several times, Arthur began dancing with a man who looked a bit like Merlin.
"Hello," the man said.
"You here for the dancing, or are you actually gay?"
"I'm actually gay. It's funny, my friend dragged me in here because he said I needed to pick up a guy."
"Oh?" The man raised his eyebrows.
"Yeah. I'm Arthur, by the way."
"In the legends, Mordred was Arthur's bane. Mordred kills him, in the end."
"Well, I certainly hope that doesn't happen."
"Agreed. You're too handsome to be a murderer." Arthur's face fell.
"Nothing, it's just... my friend brought me here because I fell in love with someone I can't have."
"Oh? Why not? Is he straight?"
"No... well, I don't know; I didn't get to asking about his sexuality. The problem is, he hates me."
"I'm sure a charmer like you is skilled at persuasion."
"Maybe, but I doubt I'd see him again. It was just a chance meeting."
"Well, if it's meant to be, I'm sure you'll find him again." Arthur shook his head.
"I don't believe in destiny. I'll never..." Arthur stopped mid-sentence.
"That's him." Arthur gestured to Merlin. Merlin turned around, saw him, and instantly blanched.

Merlin turned back to Gwen. "Gwen, we need to get out of here."
"Why? What's wrong? Are you in danger?" Gwen asked, worried.
"No. It's him."
"No. Arthur." Merlin turned to Gwen suspiciously. "I thought you said he doesn't drink."
"He doesn't!" Gwen replied, as surprised as Merlin.

"Go for it!" Mordred encouraged Arthur.
"What if he rejects me?"
"I'll be right here waiting for you. Or if you prefer, you could go to the friend who got you into this in the first place. I assume he came with you." Arthur nodded. "Now go!"

Arthur walked over to Merlin, who became increasingly worried.
"If this is about the coffee, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to..."
"It's not about the coffee." Merlin looked confused. "We got off to a rough start earlier today. Let's try again. I'm Arthur." Arthur extended his hand and Merlin shook it reluctantly, looking even more confused.
"I'm Merlin."
"You're kidding me!"
"I know Merlin isn't the most common name, but my mum really likes the birds, and..."
"Merlin. Arthur and Merlin."
"It's like destiny," Gwen said, turning around.
"Oh, Gwen. I uh... didn't see you there."
"It's alright Arthur. This is Merlin, my flatmate. We're very close friends, so if you do anything to hurt him, I will rip you to shreds."
"I would never..."
"That's what they all say. Not all guys are kind to the people they date."
"Date? What? I'm not..."
"Sure..." Gwen said sarcastically. "I'll just leave you two then," Gwen said, walking away.
"Wait!" Merlin called, but Gwen had already gone. "Now listen," Merlin said, turning to Arthur. "I know you talked about starting over, but I can't forget the way you treated me. And don't try to say the coffee I spilled on you makes it even."
"I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do to make it up?"
"You can stay away from me."
"Oh." Arthur walked away, heartbroken.

"So it didn't work out?" Mordred asked. Arthur shook his head sadly.
"Listen, you're really nice and all, and I would totally go for you if I wasn't in love with Merlin, but as it is, I can't stay here."
"I understand. Good luck!"

Arthur walked over to Gwaine. "I found Merlin. He said no. I can't think about anyone else. Let's go home."
"Come on, Arthur! You haven't even had any fun yet! We need to get you drunk."
"I told you, Gwaine, I don't drink."
"Well at least dance or something. Hey wait, they're about to announce an activity!" It was blindfolded kissing.
"No way I am doing that."
"Oh come on, you know you love kissing guys."
"Yes, but not now. Not strangers."
"I'll come with you, so you won't be the only one."
"If you're the first one to kiss a guy when the music stops, you get twenty pounds!" Gwaine reminded Arthur of the rules.
"Oh, fine. But if I don't win, you owe me ten."

They got on to the dance floor, and the music began to play. Arthur danced with random couples until the music stopped, and then he grabbed the nearest man and kissed him. The man recoiled at first, then reciprocated. The blindfolds were removed, and Arthur saw Merlin. They both stared in shock for a moment, then Merlin frowned and Arthur blushed. Not knowing what else to do, Arthur ran away. Merlin walked over to Gwen. "What the fuck just happened?"

Thursday, November 20, 2014

You Are Not Alone: The Search For The Other Time Lords (Doctor Who fanfiction) - Chapter 1

"No!" The Doctor slammed the console in frustration. Missy had lied. Of course she had. And now she was gone. And so was Gallifrey. He had nothing. He was alone. He hit the console again, then slid down to the floor, crying.

"Looking for something?" The Doctor turned around to face a familiar blond girl who he hadn't seen in a long time. "Hello, Dad." The Doctor stared at her in shock, his eyebrows going higher than they had ever gone before. "Regeneration kicked in a little late. Sorry about that. I've had a hell of a time finding you."
"How did you? Find me, I mean."
"I stole a spaceship and traveled the universe for a while, but then I realized I'd need to travel in time, too. So, I convinced a handsome time agent - Jack, I think his name was - to give me his vortex manipulator."
"So what, you traveled around to random locations, hoping to find me?"
"Initially. I kept missing you, though. I saw you traveling by yourself, so lonely. And I tried to get to you, I did. But every time, you would go into your TARDIS before I got a chance to talk to you. And then later, I saw your TARDIS crash-land. But you didn't see me. You went off in a different direction. I was afraid to follow you. You'd regenerated, and I wasn't sure how you would take it. I heard you saying you'd just pop off for a few minutes, but then you didn't come back. I did talk the little girl, though. Amelia Pond. She was lovely. But I couldn't stay. I met her again in Manhattan with a man named Rory. She told me the story. I'm sorry about all that; I wish I could have helped. I've saved you from the Weeping Angels a few times, staring at them when you forgot to look. I've fought off Daleks that you never even saw! I am rather handy with a gun, after all." The Doctor flinched. Jenny continued. "I saw your grave. At Trenzalore. I feared the worst. But you survived. I whispered into that crack with Clara Oswald. I told the Gallifreyans I was one of them, and that they needed him. I kept seeing you. But every time, I just couldn't quite get to you. I knew I needed a new plan of action."
"So what did you do then?"

"I traveled far into the future and went to Luna University. Met a woman there, her name was River Song. She talked of a man called the Doctor, and I got hopeful. I didn't get a chance to meet you, though. That being said, she was kind enough to give me a DNA sample. Well, two actually: one from her, and one from you. By combining these, I managed to make accurate enough artificial Time Lord DNA. The three samples helped me ensure I covered people who were only part Time Lord, as well, so all relevant DNA types were represented. Then it was just a matter of making a machine to find it. This," she held up a small wristwatch, "helps me to locate anyone with Time Lord DNA. I fused it with the vortex manipulator technology, so it can also take me to them."
"And that's how you found me."
"But that's... that's brilliant! You must have inherited my intelligence, too!" The Doctor ran up and hugged his brilliant daughter. Jenny chuckled. 
"Don't let it get to your head. But, there's another thing."
"You know how I said it locates people with Time Lord DNA?"
"You're not the only one."

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fandom School (2nd period): Ship Names

It's time for Fandom School again! Today's topic: shipping. Specifically, ship names. I've already defined shipping and listed my ships and listed a few types of ships, so now I'm going to delve into different names of ships and why they are chosen. There are a few different types of ship names:

1. Portmanteau - the most common type of ship name by far, this takes the names of the characters and mashes them up.
Examples: Merthur (Merlin/Arthur), Johnlock (John/Sherlock), Elever (Eleven/River)

2. CamelCase - simply putting the names (or part of each name) together and capitalizing the first name of each letter.
Examples: ArMor (Arthur/Morgana), TenRose (Ten/Rose)

3. Idiosyncratic Ship Name - these are rare because they are hard to think of, but they are always fun. Instead of putting the characters' names together, these names put the characters' characteristics together.
Examples: Toast (Katniss aka the Girl on Fire/Peeta aka the boy with the bread), Angry Birds (Clint Barton aka Hawkeye/Bruce Banner aka Hulk), Whouffle (The Doctor, usually Eleven, and Clara aka "Souffle girl"), StarkSpangledBanner (Tony Stark/Steve Rogers/Bruce Banner), The Cold War (Steve/Natasha), Birds of a Feather (Clint Barton/Sam Wilson), ThunderShield (Thor/Steve Rogers), FreeBird (Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson), Wincest (Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester)

What are your favorite ship names? (You don't have to like a ship to like the name.) Are there any ships you would create just for the sake of the name?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Channel 5 (Merlin fanfiction): Chapter 11

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

After a long, hard week of work, Arthur asked for a week of leave. Uther was incredibly reluctant, but ultimately he relented. Arthur didn't dare ask for permission to be in Merlin's show, though. He knew that would be pushing it.

You have a new IM
From: Modern_physician
To: Fortheloveofcamelot
Subject: Channel 5
Content: Are you ready?

From: Fortheloveofcamelot 
To: Modern_physician
Subject: Re: Channel 5
Content: Beam me up, scottie!

A few seconds later, Arthur ended up in the blank room - and on top of Merlin. For one long, awkward moment they lay on top of each other, until Arthur got up. "Erm, sorry about that."
"No, it's fine. It's not your fault. I'll yell at Gaius later." Arthur looked around at the white walls. 
"So this is where you've been the whole time?"
"Yeah. I've only just been moved to channel 5, but it's the same for me. Same blank room and all that."
"How do you not die of boredom?"
"Magic," Merlin replied, and Arthur laughed - until he realized that Merlin was actually being serious. 
"Show me."
"You already saw it on the telly."
"It's not the same as in person. Show me."
"Are you sure? Most people are a little - startled." Arthur just fixed his gaze on Merlin. "Fine," he relented. Merlin muttered some unintelligible words, his eyes flashed gold, and the walls turned the same color. Merlin made a few candles float in the air, lit with blue-green flame. "How about that?"
"Not bad. Got anything else?" 

Merlin smiled, and a slow ballad began to play. The lights changed to match that of a ballroom or dance hall. Merlin pulled Arthur in, and they began to dance. At the end, the music faded, and a calm silence spread over them.  
"So, you can dance," Arthur said, when he got up the courage to speak.
"So can you."
"Got anything else?"
"Are you always so hard to please?" Arthur laughed. With a cheeky smile, Merlin said a few words in a language Arthur didn't understand, and mistletoe began growing right above their heads. Arthur looked up and blushed. 
"But... but... it's not even Christmas!"
"Come on, Arthur. We're about to star in a romantic comedy. We're bound to kiss at some point, and there's no better time to practice."
"I've kissed plenty of people! I don't need practice."
"I think you'll find that kissing me is entirely different."

It was, of course. It was like nothing Arthur had ever felt before. It was as if... no, surely not... but he knew it was. He was in love. And if the mistletoe was any indication, Merlin loved him back. That thought, combined with the feeling of Merlin's lips pressing against his, filled Arthur with a warmth that left him feeling better than he had in a long time. It was a warmth that he knew would last. 

"Come on, now," Merlin said, pulling away after what felt like an eternity. "We wouldn't want everyone else to come in and see us like this, would we?" Arthur just smiled. 

Imthegreatestwarlock has entered the room, Albion Chat
Lady_of_the_Lake has entered the room
Lady_of_the_Lake: Is he there?
Imthegreatestwarlock: Yeah, he just made it. 
Lady_of_the_Lake: Gaius says the others will be coming soon. 
Lady_of_the_Lake has sent a file: Episode 1 Script

Merlin clicked on the file and showed it to Arthur. "You ready?"
"You bet."

Saturday, November 15, 2014

What Makes A Good Companion

So, as you may have figured out, I've hit a bit of writer's block in the fanfic I'm currently writing. (If you'd like to help me, just comment on this post, tag me in a google+ post to talk about it, or send me an ask on tumblr at In the meantime, I bring you another blog post.

Today I'd like to talk about Doctor Who companions and what makes for a good companion (are you listening, Moffat?)

Not falling in love with the Doctor - one of the things that frustrates me (and many other viewers, I'm sure) is that it seems like almost every female character falls in love with the Doctor. Of the six female companions in New Who (well technically, River is more than a companion), Donna is the only one who does not love the Doctor. Rose and the Doctor both love eachother, which is sweet and all, but sometimes I feel like the romance gets in the way of Rose's character development. Martha is a great companion, but she's so busy being a lovesick puppy that she can't realize her full potential until she leaves the Doctor. Donna hates the Doctor at first, and then they become friends (and they are definitely not a couple, as the running gag goes). Amy flirts with the Doctor shamelessly in Season 5, and then the Doctor reminds her that she has a fiancé and brings him back, so that romance is short lived. Clara sort of kind of flirts with the Doctor, and they have a sort of ambiguous love-hate relationship, which I really hate. Even when Danny comes in, she still spends large amounts of time with the Doctor.

Having a life outside of the Doctor - as much as I dislike Clara, I do like that she has a life outside of the Doctor. She doesn't spend all of her time with him. She has a job teaching and, later, a boyfriend. Of course, she isn't the only one to have another life. Jack works at Torchwood, running it in the Doctor's honor. Martha's life sort of goes on hold when she travels with the Doctor, but after she leaves, she goes on to do many things, first working for Torchwood and UNIT, then later going freelance (click here to see her full profile on the TARDIS wiki). Similar to Martha, Donna has a life before and after the Doctor, but not so much during her travels with him. Rory has a life outside of the Doctor, but Amy doesn't.

Not being defined by a story arc - several companions have a main "story arc" to explain why they are with the Doctor or how they interact with him. Far too many times, a story arc becomes the defining point of a character, and the character is two-dimensional as a result. Rose was just a regular person, no story arc or anything. Martha, too, traveled with the Doctor only because she wanted to. Donna had a story arc (the most important woman in the universe, the Doctor-Donna), but it was written such that we didn't really notice it until the Season 4 finale, and then we were just like "Oh! So that's what was up with all those little coincidences!" Then Moffat took over, decided he liked the companion story-arc idea, and WRECKED it. Amy is a great character, but the whole "girl who waited, can bring people back from non-existence, crack-in-her-bedroom-wall" thing is a bit excessive. It makes her less real in my opinion. And Rory? There are so many great things to be said about Rory, but the first thing that comes to mind is "the guy who died way too many times". He's much more than that, obviously, but he will forever be remembered as the guy who kept dying and coming back. And don't even get me started on Clara as the Impossible Girl.

Skills and talents - apart from unrealistic powers (e.g., coming back from the dead), I really like it when companions are able to help the Doctor out. Rose doesn't start out with much (except for her strength of body and will, as we see in the first episode), but she quickly learns from the Doctor and is able to help him. Martha has extensive medical knowledge, and she too learns from the Doctor. Donna has super-temp skills as well as a good amount of intelligence and great reasoning skills. Amy starts out with the same skill-set as Rose, essentially. Rory has nurse skills. Clara has bossiness, if you want to call that a skill.

BAMF - pretty much all the companions have at least one BAMF moment, but some are BAMFs more than others. Rose is pretty tough; you don't want to mess with her. Martha is normally gentle and helpful, but she knows when to step it up and go into BAMF mode and save the world. Donna is pretty much always on BAMF mode. Amy doesn't really go into full BAMF mode much, but she's tough and bossy. Rory, like Martha, stays calm until the right moment, then he unleashes his fury: "Demons run when a good man goes to war." Clara knows when to be a bossy-pants and take over the situation.

Anything you think I missed? Let me know what you think.