My Ships

As anyone who reads or writes fanfiction will know, different people "ship" different people; i.e., they have different (fictional) pairings of fictional characters. So just for reference, this is a list of everything I ship.

Doctor Who
9th Doctor/Rose
This one is pretty clear and self-explanatory. Nine doesn't like Rose that much  at first, but then she grows on him, first as a friend, and then as a girlfriend.
Captain Jack Harkness/Anyone
As the biggest flirt in the universe, Jack could be in a relationship with anybody. That being said, since he flirts so much, it might be hard for him to settle down with one partner.
10th Doctor/Rose
Yep, even after regenerating, the Doctor still loves Rose. I think Ten loves her even more than Nine, if that's possible.
Mickey/Martha (M&M)
Remember that scene in "The End of Time" where the Tenth Doctor is saying goodbye to his former companions before regenerating? Well, he sees Martha and Mickey together, and I totally agree with it. They were the Doctor's most dependable, trustworthy companions (to date, even!). They're both caring, considerate, practical, supporting, and helpful.
"Together or not at all." That's their motto. The Girl Who Waited and the Last Centurion. The girl who remembers and the boy who can't seem to die (seriously, what's up with that, Moffat?). They are amazing together. You see that over the course of the show. I mean, at first it's like "Amy! Oh, who's that guy? Rory? Oh. He seems kind of lame.", but by the time they leave, it's like "Rory's amazing! He's so brave, patient, and kind... He's perfect for Amy!"
11th Doctor/River (Elever)
They're married, they practically have to be a couple. And they're so great together. Both of them have the brains, River's got the cunning and daring, and the Doctor's got the sensibility to keep the pair of them from getting into too much trouble (though, from what we see on TV, he's not very good at that). And you've got to love the way they flirt. "Hello, Sweetie!"

John/Sherlock (Johnlock)... Maybe
Like Eleven/Clara, I'm kind of undecided on this one. I can't quite picture the two of them in a full-fledged relationship, having sex and all that... but at the same time, I find it hard to picture that they're just friends, nothing more. I'd say their relationship is either a really close friendship (they really care about and would die for each other, but the love they have for each other is platonic/brotherly, not sexual), bromance (basically the same as the one before, just a different term), or a close friendship where they both like each other, but wouldn't dare admit it.
Sherlock/Molly (Sherlolly)... Maybe
Sherlock could be a pretty good fit for Molly. And it's obvious she loves him. So I don't mind reading stories with this pairing and could conceive of writing a story with Sherlolly. That being said, you can't really argue that it's in the show, as you could with Johnlock (if you pay attention, there are a few hints here and there that you could take either way).

Gwen/Arthur (Arwen)
I originally shipped Gwen with Merlin, but then I realized how great she and Arthur are together. Gwen is a good person to keep Arthur grounded and make him less of a royal prat.
You've got to admit it- they love each other. I like how when Merlin finally finds someone with magic who's looked down on and has had to hide all her life, he falls in love with her. The writing and acting was very convincing, and I loved it.
Merlin/Arthur (Merthur)
I didn't ship it at first, but now I think they might be my OTP. I just... they're so perfect for each other.
Gwaine is the Merlin version of Captain Jack Harkness, flirting with anyone and anything. In fact, there's even a crack ship of Gwaine/Apple.

Harry Potter
Ron/Hermione (Romione)
In the books, Ron's character is actually a lot more fleshed out. He's wise (the movies portrayed Hermione as perfect, but in the books Hermione is book-smart and Ron is wise), super protective, and a stupidly brave, wonderful guy. Ron and Hermione work are great for each other.
I don't have strong feelings about this one, but I do ship them, so I thought I'd include it.
They're just really great, quirky, innocent, wonderful people and I think they should be together.
Do I even need to explain this one? Read the books.
You have to watch A Very Potter Musical to understand this, but I ship the sorting hat with the scarf of sexual preference.
Quirrell/Voldemort (Quirrellmort)
Again, you have to watch A Very Potter Musical to understand this. Trust me, they're a great match.

Friendships (Who would be friends in a Wholock universe?)
The Doctor/Sherlock
Obviously. Although I would think any meeting would involve a serious bragging fest.
Jackie/Mrs. Hudson
Best buddies. They can have a tea party together. And for once Mrs. Hudson wouldn't have to make the tea.
I can totally see them sympathizing together after the Reinbach fall. John lost Sherlock, and Rose lost the Doctor; they could easily form a friendship from commiseration.
They have a lot in common. They are the ones considered basically useless, the ones who try to help and get pushed away or forgotten. They are considered total idiots, even though they both have some measure of intelligence and usefulness.
They can sympathize about working with a genius they love who barely even knows they exist. Also, a doctor and a mortician would be able to work together quite well. Martha's bravery and tendency to be outspoken would complement Molly's shyness and willingness to stay by the sidelines.
The Master/Moriarty
Watch out! I could totally see these two ruling the universe together. That would be pretty scary. Although I'm sure it would make for a good story.
Bold, clever, and not afraid to speak out. That describes both of these characters. I think they would work together quite well. Amy could easily help Sherlock on the alien side of things.
They both know what it's like to wait a long time for someone. As Rory is a nurse and John is a doctor, I could easily see them as coworkers who get to know each other better, find out they have a lot in common, and become friends.
I don't have a good explanation for this one. I just feel like they should be friends.
So I haven't seen much Classic Who, but I have seen Brigadier. I've seen enough to know he would work very well with Lestrade. They could share advice on how to catch criminals (even though Brigadier usually catches aliens, not humans), swap stories about working with eccentric people (i.e., the Doctor and Sherlock), and generally have fun.