Music is awesome. Period. Murray Gold is also awesome, as anyone who's listened to the music in Doctor Who knows. I've had fun making various parodies and arrangements of music related to Doctor Who and other fandoms. Here's the list:

Original Songs
The Case of the Musical Detective
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I wrote my own song! Yay! This one is about Sherlock. The melody just randomly popped into my head, so I played with it a little and added parts. And, because it's Sherlock, I made sure to add a violin part.


A parody of Frozen's "Let It Go" about the Tenth Doctor regenerating.

This one is just about Doctor Who in general. The Doctor longs for the normal life he knows he can never have.

Little Amelia dreams of the TARDIS she saw that one night.

Rose dreams of the time spent with the Doctor.

I added Doctor Who quotes in to make lyrics for this awesome song.

A medley of music from all my favorite fandoms.

I'll update this list as I make more songs.