Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fandom School (1st period): Fixing Canon

It's time for Fandom School again! The subject is canon, and, let's be honest: a lot of times, the writers really mess things up.
So, what do you do? Just sit in silence? I think not. Instead, it's time to take matters into your own hands. A while ago I wrote about different types of canon, and I'd like to discuss the types that don't comply with canon. What do you do if you don't like canon? Take Nick Fury's advice; ignore it. Write a fix-it fic and change everything you don't like. Write an AU where the offending event never happened. The possibilities are endless.

Of course, you don't have to write a fanfic. You can also just come up with headcanons. As I said in my post about headcanons, headcanons don't have to comply with canon. It can just be a case of 

"But I'm perfectly happy with the current canon. Why would I need to change anything?" you might ask. Well first of all, you must not have watched you TV show/movie for very long. And secondly, I'm ahead of you because I've already anticipated this question. Here are a few canon problems you might want to fix.
  • Character death - nobody likes it when their favorite character dies, especially if that death served little purpose.
  • Ships - many fans of BBC Sherlock will argue that John married the wrong person, and so they'll write about Johnlock instead of John/Mary
  • Character development - often times minor characters (sometimes even major characters) don't get much character development, which is a shame, but fanfic writers can easily fix that.
  • Events that should have happened - I think Merlin should have revealed his magic to Arthur much earlier, and a quick search of AO3 shows that many people agree with me and write magic reveal fics
  • Events that shouldn't have happened - for every story that involves betrayal, there will be fanfics in which that character stayed loyal
  • Events that don't make sense - sometimes authors just plain don't explain things, and sometimes the explanations they give are unsatisfactory.
  • Contradictions/continuity errors - these are almost as annoying as spelling and grammar errors, so naturally people want to correct them.
So, what problems in canon would you like to fix?